Central West Map

Central West Study Area    Click on map to enlarge.

Council adopted this Central West Focus Area Map on October 24, 2012.

Chapel Hill 2020 is continuing. While the Town Council passed a Comprehensive Plan in June 2012, the document contains a goals and a vision for the future, but no information on land use.  Land use plan changes will be worked out through community-driven collaborative processes.  The Central West area is among the first of a series of six areas selected by the Town for evaluation for increased development.  The Steering Committee will recommend a plan to the Town Council who are the ultimate decision makers for zoning changes. The Council approved the Central West community process on October 24, 2012.

How did this planning process come about?

  • March – June,   During several 2020 Town Council public hearings, Estes Neighbors presented our views about the need for a comprehensive planing effort and proposed a small area plan.
  • March 21st,   Before a Town Council public hearing, Estes Neighbors opposed a rezoning for the corner of Estes Drive and Martin Luther King, Jr Blvd. and advocated for the residential character and safety of the neighborhoods located near Estes Drive, MLK Jr Blvd, and Piney Mountain Road. Given the long range planning underway, we oppose any rezoning requests of applications during this process.
  • June 25th,  the Town Council passed the Comprehensive 2020 Plan and committed at the same meeting to a community-driven planning process for implementation of the plan – the land use discussions.
  • The Town Planning staff announced four community meetings to gather input on putting together the process.  The community recommendations were sent to the Town Council on October 24th.

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