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Council October 24th Actions

We’re happy to report that last Wednesday, October 24, the Council — after a lengthy discussion of our focus area proposals — accepted most of them. This endorsement of a community-driven process would not have been possible without your support, particularly the petition 213 of you signed in just three days! Thanks also to those of you who attended this exciting Council meeting to support our speakers.

Here are the main points that were endorsed by the Town Council.

  • Purpose of study: to create and deliver a small area plan for the Planning Area for Council consideration.
  • A geographic study area (a planning and an impact area) similar to the one adopted at the community meetings with the addition of a focus on undeveloped properties – an area that can be expanded.
  • Focus area study was renamed “Central West Focus Area”.
  • Steering Committee will be composed of a diversity of representation including, business owners, landowners, and residents from the planning and impact area.
  • All are invited to apply for the steering committee; council committee to recommend slate. Those with active development applications are not eligible.
  • Schedule of study and meetings: December 2012 – December 2013 with a report in June. All meetings will be open and your participation is invited.

We think the well-organized presentations of our speakers encouraged several Council members to take positions a bit different from their past orientations, and we will continue to encourage the Council to adopt a community-driven approach to considering how growth is to occur in our “Central West” area of Chapel Hill.

As events unfold, we will keep you informed about the small area study process, including possibilities for you to become more involved, for example, by making your views known directly to the Steering Committee, volunteering to serve on study groups addressing key issues, and talking with your neighbors about the overall process.

Applications for seats on the Central West Focus Area Steering Committee are currently being accepted. The application deadline is Monday, November 12, 2012, at 5:00pm. For a copy of the application and for more information about application process, please visit

For the resolution that the Council adopted for the Central West Focus Area from the October 24, 2012 Business Meeting, please click here. This information has also been posted on the Town webpage which can be found at