Manager responds to our requests

From the Town 2020 Website

In the online message below from the Town Manager, Roger Stancil, responds to requests made at the March 26 Council meeting about the Town’s 2020 planning process. We will continue to press for all our neighborhoods to be involved in any studies of Estes Drive.

I want to provide an initial response to the comments made during the petition session in the Council meeting on the 26thof March.

My goal is to be clear about where we are and to minimize misunderstanding and confusion.  Thousands of people have been touched in the 2020 process and many of them have participated and given many hours of time to make this a community wide statement for the future.  It is important to be clear about how that participation will guide the Town’s actions on the future and the hard work of the coming year to develop the decision-making infrastructure that will transform the Vision into reality.   We will have a work session with the Planning Board and the Sustainability Committee on the status of 2020 on April 10th.  The second draft of the 2020 Plan will be circulated for comment on the 5th of April (this week). We will have a work session with the Council on May 7.

1. We agree with the goal of providing the Council with community goals and objectives by June.  The Theme groups are focused on refining their goals and will have two more opportunities to do so. We will also have an information advisory board meeting and a Council work session before June.

2. The co-chairs meetings are open to the public and any theme group member who wishes to attend can do so.  The purpose of those meetings is for the co-chairs, as neutral facilitators, to identify areas of overlap that merit further discussion by theme groups, advisory boards or Council.  The co-chairs will be asked to consider whether their theme group would have an interest in attending these meetings and if so, who might serve to share information in a collaborative manner.

3.  We all agree that the Future Focus maps will NOT be included in the goals and objectives.  While they represent valuable input, their main purpose at this point is to help the community identify areas where more conversation, analysis and study are of interest.  The second draft (due out April 5th) will begin to describe what we thought we heard in terms of each area for community input and refinement.  It will also identify some of those “next steps” where analysis is necessary to moving forward.

4. Staff will continue to work with the participants in the S15-501 group to identify broad brush recommendations, similar in scope to those in Draft 2 for the other areas, in a constructive, positive dialogue.  It was our charge to that group that their conversation be a model for civil discourse and we will continue to develop that model with the input we received from the S15-501 participants.

I hope these clarifications are helpful.  If you have questions, please let me know.


One response to “Manager responds to our requests

  1. Faith M. Thompson

    Happy spring!

    Many of you and your neighbors have been hard at work on the Chapel Hill 2020 Planning Process since last fall. We want now to communicate to you just how close we are to having a final plan!

    We are seeking your help in reaching those neighbors of yours that have not yet taken advantage of the opportunity for public comment. Several drafts of the 2020 Comprehensive Plan will be available (a draft is currently available at ( and we are hoping that you and your neighbors will review those drafts and provide comments in areas you deem necessary. Help us get it right!

    In this phase, we are attempting to make sure that all of the goals and objectives:
    1. Represent the entire community’s interest
    2. Are clear, concise, and free of ambiguities
    3. Demonstrate areas where there are alignments between cross-theme topics (rural buffer, growth and transportation, for example)

    We feel that the best way to do this is by producing several drafts of the 2020 plan and allowing the community the opportunity to provide feedback which will then be incorporated into the next version of the plan. Our schedule for this is as follows:

    Plan Draft April 5 on blog
    Community Meeting April 12 Rashkis Elementary School 4:30-6:30
    Plan Draft on Blog April 20th (Tentative)
    Community Meeting April 24th Chapel Hill High School 7-9 pm

    We are also hosting a community meeting on Tuesday April 17th from 5:30 pm until 6:30 pm in the Council’s Chamber in Town Hall. This will allow us to go through the plan carefully and make sure that we have fully captured all the voices of our community. We welcome your attendance.

    As a broad community-based plan, Chapel Hill 2020 has benefited from a substantive and constructive dialogue between many voices. While there will be a formal public hearing process by Council in May, we are hoping that you can convince your neighbors to participate now.
    Please urge them to:
    • Attend the larger group meetings (April 12th and April 24th);
    • Provide comments on the draft plan on the blog;
    • Attend the community meeting on April 17th at Town Hall;
    • email with specific questions;
    • Mail comments directly to the Community Outreach Coordinator at Town Hall, 405 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., Chapel Hill, NC 27514-5705.

    If there are questions about the goals and objectives (as listed on the draft), please contact Faith M. Thompson, Community Outreach Coordinator, and she will provide clarification for you and your neighborhood.

    Thank you for all of your efforts to continue to make Chapel Hill a great place for us all!

    Faith M. Thompson,
    Community Outreach Coordinator

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