Carolina Flats application files and concept drawings

Here are the Concept Plan Application and Concept Plan Drawings for the Carolina Flats @ Estes proposal.  The project description states that it is “Proposed rezoning to MU-V for a 590 multi-family student housing community and a 125-145 room/suites hotel.”  The application includes a map and photos of the site and surrounding areas.  Note that the drawings envision vehicular access from Estes as well as from MLK.

These are large files, so they may take some time to load.

Carolina Flats Concept Plan Application

Carolina Flats Exhibit Files (Concept Plan drawings)

One response to “Carolina Flats application files and concept drawings

  1. When I looked at the application posted by Carolina Flats, I found the pictures very misleading. If I didn’t know the area, I would think I was looking at a rural area with apartments and just a few small houses rather close together. The application itself made no mention of the Estes Hills and Coker Hills neighborhoods but did mention the Shadowood Apartments and “the rear of three homes in the Coker Woods neighborhood.” It is as if the neighborhoods of $350,000 – $700,000 + homes did not exist. Clearly, the proposal is not in line with the Comprehensive Plan which calls for development to be sensitive to surrounding neighborhoods and allows for meaningful resident input.

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